Yamabuki Saaya
山吹さあや Yamabuki Saaya
First Appearance Episode 2
Alias(es) The Sylph of Love (title)
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Age 11-14
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Hinamori Dream (Confusion Transformation)

Lady Gladiator (Original)

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Saaya receives her Guardian Character, Mono, and a new alter ego, Lady Gladiator (レディグラディエター Redi Guradiataa?).

Saaya is given the title as The Sylph of Love (愛のシルフ Ai no Shirufu?).



Mono is Saaya's newly born Guardian Character, who represents the chivarly and sophisication. She was born from Saaya's wish to become stronger than the others.

Lady GladiatorEdit

Lady Gladiator (レディグラディエター Redi Guradiataa?) is Saaya's alter ego, when she Character Transforms with Mono. Despite of being a rich and snobby girl, she is resembling to be a feminine knight and rival of Amu.



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