Usagi is a fan character made by Ichigoonnechan. She is part of the guardians and is know as full deck.


In her normal form she has light brown hair,glasses and light blue eyes. She has 3 character changes. The first one is were she gets bunny ears and anyone around her thinks she is extremelly pretty, the second one is where she gets a bunny tail and becomes good at sports and the last one is where she gets bunny ears and a bunny tail and becomes good at anything she is doing. Her character transformation is called Sweet Pudding and her hair becomes darker,is put into two ponytails,gets a big puffy dress and bunny ears and bunny tail.

History of shugo chara Edit

Usagi's egg was born when she wanted to be pretty and do things without making mistakes.

Chracter transformation Edit

Her character transformation is called sweet pudding and her attack is called Carrot swing.

Shugo chara Edit

Her shugo chara's name is Belle. Her egg is Black with a rainbow colored line down the middle.She is very mature and has many talents.She gets on very well with Usagi. She looks like sweet pudding but with blonde hair.

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