Umizora Yumi
海空ゆみ Umizora
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush
Alias(es) Clover X
Race Human
Age 10
Gender Female
Birthplace Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate June 12th
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Dolly
Alter Ego Ocean Bubble
Attribute Water
Theme Ego Bubble

Umizora Yumi is one of the characters from the fan reboot Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush. Her signature Guardian Character is Dolly, and her alter ego is Ocean Bubble (オーシャンバブル Ooshan Baburu?). As being the last member of the Clover Group, Yumi is codenamed as Clover X, and her signature color is Sky Blue.


A kind-natured, simple, and casual girl, wishing to become a dressmaker. She is the romantic interest of Haruo.



Dolly is Yumi's Guardian Character.

Ocean BubbleEdit

Ocean Bubble (オーシャンバブル Ooshan Baburu?) is Yumi's Character Transformation ego.


  • Yumi is one of the members of the Clover group; it represents the BEMANI games:
    • Haruo represents pop'n music.
    • Naru represents GITADORA.
    • Hanako represents REFLEC BEAT.
    • Daiki represents DanceDanceRevolution.
    • Akika represents beatmania IIDX
    • Seichiiro represents DanceEvolution.
    • Kiba represents jubeat.
    • Kiko represents SOUND VOLTEX.
    • You represents Mirai da Gakki FutureTomTom.
    • Yumi represents BeatStream.
Property of Caramel
Square caramel
Umizora Yumi is created by Caramelangel714.

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