Torii Mifuyu
鳥居みふゆ Torii Mifuyu
First Appearance Episode 14
Alias(es) Diamond VI

Maid of Ice

Race Human
Age 13
Gender Female
Birthplace Sapporo, Japan
Birthdate November 22nd
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Snoppe
Alter Ego Frosty Glitter
Attribute Ice
Theme Ego Winter


Mifuyu is given the title as The Maid of Ice (氷の女中 Kouri no jochuu?).


As Frosty Glitter, Mifuyu's attire is nearly analogous to Snoppe's attire, but with a set of snow colors, only if it fits for Mifuyu's Character Transformation. Mifuyu's hair is modified into a cerulean color, and was styled in a lengthy and lower ponytail. The hood is white and contains Snoppe's icon, a snowflake. She wears a dress that has a bottom, which pops open like an umbrella, and a snowflake icon on the center. Mifuyu wears a pair of marshmallow-blue shoes with cerulean soles in last. Mifuyu's sleeves are much longer, and hide her hands. they are accessorized with diamond-shaped ornaments on the tips. Each sleeve and shoe is decorated with cotton laces.



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