Bandicam 2014-04-23 14-55-49-735

Tom Wrecker!!!!

Tom Wrecker is the Guardians Hunter Who is a Member of Easter,He is a Trash Talking Men,Who Hates Eggs Because He is Allergy to Eggs,

He Dislike Easter Egg and Heart Egg, 

He is One of Anti Guardian Character Squad and Easter Member,

He is a Fahter of Bull Punker Who is a  a School Bully and a Troublemaker,and He is a Son

of Kazuomi Hoshina He is Also a Director of Easter,

He is Also a Mercenary Soldier of Easter Kazuomi Hoshina Order Him to Capture  the Guardians and He Must Kill the Guardians with His M16,RPG-7 and Desert Eagle also He Must Throw a Bomb to Kill the Guardian and Heart Eggs with  M67 grenade

But He Fail to Kill and Capturing the Guardian.

Bandicam 2014-04-23 15-10-12-195

Tom Wrecker is Angry!!!!!

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