Takamina Aizawa

Takamina Original

Japanese Name{{{kanji}}}
Romaji NameAizawa Takamina
NameTakamina Aizawa
RaceHuman, 1/2 Angel, 1/2 Devil, 2/3 Cat
NationalityIndonesia, 1/2 Japan, 2/3 Korean, 2/4 Chinese
OccupationStudent, Queen (Indonesian Guardian), Diamond (Guardian)
HobbySleeping, Online, Playing Game
Family & Relationships
Transformation & Powers
Alter EgoBeloved Idol
Other TransformationNightmare Magic
Deathness Reaper (white pearl)
Alley Cat
Lost Kitten
Special Alter EgoDeathness Reaper (black pearl)
Forbidden Darkness Princess
Melodious Siren (with Siren Angelic)
Vivacious Phantom (with Moka Devilish)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Takamina Aizawa (相沢タカミナ Aizawa Takamina) is a first year on elementary school student. She's entering Seiyō Academy because her mission to find his friend[1] then because the founder king, Tsukasa Amakawa's wants, she joined Guardian.


Takamina is an innocent (or can be called naive) girl. When first talking with Amu and the others, she's very cold and acting like an enemy. But, since she joined Guardian, she's being calm and taking many of secrets. Her personality will changed each times Lucifer using chara changes to her.

  • Takamina in Beloved Idol chara change is acting such a child or sometimes can be a hot-cool based with her mood or song
  • Takamina in Nightmare Magic chara change is acting such a detective, magician, or witch


Takamina has a lot of mysteries. Her first appearance was that in her uniform upon meeting Amu at Seiyō 

Takamina before be guardian

Takamina's appearance before be Guardian (on her 'second' elementary school uniform).

Academy school festival when she and Amu were passing each other, Amu and Miki were feel a mysterious aura was come from Takamina. Before entering Seiyō Academy, she was from elite elementary school in Kyoto on class S. Her class-uniform is a black long coat with white ribbon[2].


Before joining Guardian, she was study on an elite elementary school in Kyoto, Japan. But before that, she already has completed her study in Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States because she's a clever and her unexpected family's wealth. She was going back to elementary school because her mission then she is study at Seiyō Academy now.

Joining GuardianEdit

Tsukasa and her already know each other since they were meet on the same TV show with Nobuko Saeki, a spritual fortune-teller. Like Amu, whenever she asked to join Guardian, she rejected. But finally, she told that she wants to join but as Diamond[3] part. When first she joining guardian, her age was 12 years old.

Living as GuardianEdit

Takamina has a guardian character named Lucifer. She's not always transforming to her wanna-be form because she thought that her opponents are very weak. She can fortune-telling with chara change as Nightmare Magic ordinary form.

Finding The Lost FriendEdit

After joining Guardian as Diamond, she focus to find her lost boy-friend.

Transferred to Indonesian GuardianEdit

Takamina was borned in Indonesia, though her name is Japanese (real name secret, nuh!). She was going back to Indonesia as Tsukasa's wants and transferred to Seiyō Indonesian Academy (in Indonesian means Akademi Seiyō Indonesia). She met the members of the Guardian. And unexpectedly, the one of the members is her boy-friend, Isana. She joined the Guardian as Queen and be the main partner of Isana, the King.

Takamina ordinary

Takamina's appearance as ordinary student

Going Back to Indonesia #2Edit

She was going back to Indonesia again, and the reason is because the current  principal of Seiyō Indonesian Academy is wanting her to come back for 2 months and join the Guardian. However, she doesn't know that some of her 'first' elementary school were there too. 

Guardian CharacterEdit


Lucifer is Takamina's guardian chara.

Shadow LuciferEdit

Shadow Lucifer is Lucifer on darkness form. She's unlocking Takamina's darkness princess form. She's also known the other self of Moka.

Moka DevilishEdit

Moka is the devil shugo chara of Takamina. However, she always cheering her.

Siren AngelicEdit

Siren is the angel shugo chara of Takamina. She's very shy, but sometimes when she and Takamina are ordinary chara chance with Takamina's body, she will gonna HENTAI!!!

Character TransformationEdit

Takamina Beloved Idol (Happy)

Takamina's appearance as Beloved Idol (Happy)

Beloved Idol

Beloved Idol is what-will-wanna-be form Takamina. Takamina's dream is to be an idol that can making everyone happy.

My Dream, Awake! Chara change! Beloved Idol

あたしの夢、アウェイク!キャラナリ!ビロベッドアイドル Atashi no yume, aweiku! Kyaranari! Birobeddoaidoru

Nightmare MagicEdit

Nightmare Magic is main chara transformation of Takamina. Takamina's unlocked to using magics or fortune tellings when transforming into this.

My Heart, Unlock! Chara change! Nightmare Magic

あたしの心、アンロック!キャラナリ!ナイトメアマジック Atashi no kokoro, anrokku! Kyaranari! Naitomeamajikku

Deathness ReaperEdit

Deathness Reaper is the vice chara transformation of Takamina with Lucifer (white pearl) and Shadow Lucifer (black pearl).

My Heart, Unlock! Chara change! Deathness Reaper

あたしの心、アンロック!キャラナリ!デッドナスリーパー Atashi no kokoro, anrokku! Kyaranari! 

Takamina Lucifer

Takamina's appearance as Melodious Siren


Melodious SirenEdit

Melodious Siren is the angel chara transformation of Takamina with Siren.

My Power, Awake! Chara change! Melodious Siren

私の力、アウェイク!キャラナリ!メロディアスサイレン Watashi no chikara, aweiku! Kyaranari! Merodiasusairen

Vivacious PhantomEdit

Vivacious Phantom is the devil chara transformation of Takamina with Moka.

My Power, Awake! Chara change! Vivacious Phantom

私の力、アウェイク!キャラナリ!ビヴァチオウスファントム Watashi no chikara, aweiku! Kyaranari! Bibachiousufantomu

Dream GhostEdit

Dream Ghost is the ghost chara transformation[4]

Takamina Aizawa's real page are on Skywalker Wing Wiki and AKB48 Fanon Wiki


  1. Actually can be called boyfriend.
  2. Every class S students may choose their uniform color.
  3. Takamina's favorite shugo chara of Amu's, Dia.
  4. 'Ghost' chara transformation available only on Shugo Chara!: The After Through Before.




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