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Super Character Transformation

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Spell profile
Primary caster Various
Magic system Character Transfomation
Category Transformation
Type Various
Element Various
Japanese name スーパーキャラナリ
Romaji Sūpākyaranari
First app. Aika Suzuki: My Guardian Characters!

Super Character Transformation is an upgrade character transformation of an original character transformation.

Say you have Amulet Heart, and you upgrade the character transformation, it would probably be named Fortune Heart (Amulet Fortune was the super character transformation of all characters). Same for Amulet Spade, Amulet Clover, and Amulet Diamond.

For a couple of other super character transformations, the name will be very similar (one word is changed or one added) to the original character transformation.

The costume of the super character transformation will look similar to the original character transformation costume but it will have more glam and sometimes more accessories.

List of Super Character Transformations:Edit

  1. Special Melody ~Aika Suzuki
  2. Devil's Beloved Jewel ~Aika Suzuki
  3. Fortune Heart ~Amu Hinamori
  4. Fortune Spade ~Amu Hinamori
  5. Fortune Clover ~Amu Hinamori
  6. Fortune Diamond ~Amu Hinamori
  7. Wild Black Lynx ~Ikuto Tsukiyomi
  8. Lorelei Charm ~Utau Hoshina
  9. Angel Charm ~Utau Hoshina

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