スウ Suu
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Su is Hinamori Amu's third Guardian Character, who desires to do chores and cooking.


Su wears a green dress with a light mint-colored apron and hat with a green clover clip on it. She also wears her green stripped shoes. She rarely have her egg beater as a magical wand as seen in some episodes.

Character ChangeEdit

Amu-Amu's cross clip changes into a green clover clip, which her ability is to cook and clean. It can also be useless as Amu was sarcastically make girly attractions

(Non-canon)Yamaha Lilo-Lilo's puffy ball clip changes into a limelight clover clip with the same ability as Amu, but does not use the ability to use sarcastic attractions, it because of Lilo's kind personality.

Character TransformEdit


Amulet Clover:

Amulet Fortune:

(Non-Canon)Russel HobbsEdit

Giant Clover:Although Russel's personality did not affect Su's Character Change, the transformation was barbarian-styled.


Cure Clover:




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