Sora Uedamiya
上神空 Sora Uedamiya
First Appearance Shugo Chara☆Boku!!
Alias(es) none
Race Human
Age 13
Gender Male
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate -
Family Orphan
Guardian Character Mamoru
Alter Ego Blazing Hero
Attribute Joker
Theme Ego Fire


Sora Uedamiya (上神空 Uedamiya Sora) is the main character of both the anime and manga version of the Shugo Chara☆Boku!!Sora is also a main protagonist of the series. He is voiced by Kokido Shiho. 

Full profileEdit

  • Full Name: Sora Uedamiya
  • Birthday: March 7th
  • Blood Type: O
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 5'0.5
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Team: Guardians
  • Voice Actor: Kokido Shiho



He has fair skin and short, crimson hair. He also sports a curled cowlick at the top of his head and his eyes are amber. His most noticable feature, is the fact that he is the only student in the entire school who has frecks, whcih are scattered across his nose and cheeks. 

Guardian CharacterEdit


Sora's Guardian Character is the brave and heroic, yet extremely loud Mamoru, who was born from his desire to be as brave and strong like a superhero, like in the comics. 

Whenever or if Sora is feeling afraid or sad, he cheers him up by dressing up as a superhero telling him about his heroic stories, even though over half of them are fake. 

Special PowersEdit

Character ChangeEdit

Whenever Sora goes under a Character Change, he recieves a red mask and a blue superhero cape. He will then end up doing a skit called Super Sora Saves the Day. By then, he begins acting like a real superhero and running around trying to "save people".

Character TransformationEdit

During Character Transformation, Sora merges with Mamoru and becomes "Blazing Hero". This represents his desire to be as brave and strong like a superhero. 

  • Appearance: Sora's attire consists of a white leotard with a pair of dark blue tights along with a pair of red gloves and boots. A red cape is around his neck and covers his back and has the "B" , which has a blue flame surrounding it. A brown belt is around his waist and the gold buckle is in the shape of the letter B. Finally, a blue and white mask. 


Ablities: Blazing Hero's special attack, Hero Five Collision with a sword, or another attack, Mega Wire Attack which requires a telephone booth. He is also, but rarely does, perform a combination purification attack with Master Spirit, called Neverending Chopper.


  • Uedamiya-san
  • Freckles
  • Sora-kun
  • Freckles boy


  • Sora's surname translates to "upper shrine', while his first name means "sky".

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