Shuraiya Sharma
シュライヤ•シャーマ Shuraiya Shaama
First Appearance Episode 36
Alias(es) The Heir of Light (title)
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Age 14
Gender Male
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Alter Ego Sun Gem (Non-canon)
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Shuraiya is given the title as The Heir of Light (光の後継者 Hikari no koukeisha?).


As Sun Gem, his attire consists of orange and red colors. On his head, he wears a peach-colored head piece with a sun symbol. His appearance is seen without his shirt, but contains a vest with orange and red patterns. Around his neck, he have a large red scarf that reaches to his ankles. His pants are simply orange with a sun in each pant. His waistband is peach-colored. Shuraiya have red shoes with mahogany-colored soles.

Sun GemEdit

Sun Gem (サンジェム San Jemu?) is Shuraiya's alter ego, when Character Transforming with Lamira.


  • Like Moon Jewel, who represents the Moon, Shuraiya represents the Sun. They both show ressemblence of day and night. Another group was Nami and Nemi.
    • Nami and Nemi, addition to this, represent fire and ice.


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