The first episode of Shugo Chara: The Next Generation.


Courtney Hotori is a young girl who is the dumbest girl in the 5th grade. In fact, she was given that title by her classmates at Seiyo Elementary, with her only friend being Lizabella Midori. But one day, she finds five eggs in her bed. She shows them to her mother, who explains about her past. Even though she doesn't know it, the first egg hatches during Math class, and Character Changes with her in order to make her pass on a quiz. Courtney doesn't realize that the egg had hatched until later, when she runs into Jo, her Guardian Character. Jo explains that the other Guardian Characters will help Courtney forfill her dream of being smart, one-by-one.



Courtney (debut)
Lizabella (debut)
Aya (debut)
Yuzuru (debut) Haruka (debut)
Chiyoko (debut)
Hiroshi (debut)
Masahiko (debut)
Komusome-sensei (debut)

Shugo CharasEdit

Jo (debut)
Ran (flashback only)
Miki (flashback only)
Su (flashback only)
Dia (flashback only)


  • In a classroom in Seiyo Elementary, Courtney Hotori has fallen asleep*


Courtney: *wakes up in a flash* Yes, Komusome-sensei!

Komusome-sensei: Geez, being a 5th grade teacher, I've never, ever seen a student fall asleep in class! Extra homework for Courtney Hotori-san!

Courtney: *groan*

  • Later*

Aya: *spots Courtney* Hey there, baka!

Courtney: *muttering* My name's Courtney.

Lizabella: Hey, Hotori-san!

Courtney: *spots Lizabella* Hey, Lizzy!

Lizabella: All of the students, even the Guardians, have given you the title "the dumbest kid in the fifth grade." But don't worry, I've got your back.


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