Shugo Chara: The Next GenerationEdit

Courtney, a low-spirited preteen who used to do bad in school, becomes more high-spirited when she receives 5 Guardian Charas! They help her become smarter in school, as well as defeat Punishment Charas.


Courtney HinamoriEdit

Courtney is the main protongnagist. She is a student of Seiyo Elementary. She is described as the "dumbest kid in the fifth grade". But no sooner was she given that title was when she recieve her Charas!!!!


Jo is Courtney's first chara. She is a math whiz.


Ophelia is Courtney's second chara. She is excellent at knowing history.


Kate is Courtney's third chara. She is a book worm.


Hanna is Courtney's fourth chara. She's a very awesome scientist!


Isa is Courtney's fifth guardian character. She has the appearance of a nurse, and knows about health.

Lizabella "Lizzy" MidoriEdit

Lizzy is Courtney's former friend. She is the second dumbest in the fifth grade, but as time progresses when Courtney recieves her Charas, she becomes the total dumbest, causing her to turn away from her.

Luis SoumaEdit

Luis is Courtney's crush. He is Souma Kukai'son. He has cat ears, like Ikuto.

Sadie KashuEdit

Sadie is a middle school student. She wants to be a singer, but everyone else thinks she's the worst singer in the ninth grade. However, she recieves her chara, who helps her become a singer!


Kyoku is Sadie's Guardian Chara. She is a wonderful singer, and helps Sadie become one, as well!

Haruka FujisakiEdit

Haruka is Nagihiko and Rima's daughter and the new Queen's chair. She is a tomboy who excels at sports, like her father.


Aki is Haruka's Guardian Character. She is dressed like a professional athlete, and she represents Haruka's desire to play as many sports as possible.

Chiyoko SanjoEdit

Chiyoko is Kairi and Yaya's daughter and the new Ace chair. She is babyish, like her mother, but she doesn't show it much. She, however, likes to play tennis, and often plays it with Haruka.


Maki is Chiyoko's guardian character. She represents her desire to become a tennis player while crying when she needs to.

Hiroshi SoumaEdit

Hiroshi is Kukai and Yua's son (and Luis's younger brother) and the new Jack's chair. He is more calm than Kukai, and wants to become a musician when he grows up.


Ongaku is Hiroshi's Guardian Character. He represents his desire to become a musician.

Masahiko TsukiyomiEdit

Masahiko is Ikuto and Kotone's son and the new King's chair. Masahiko claims that he wants to become a doctor when he grows up, but there's many other things he wants to do.


Goro is Masahiko's Guardian Character. He represents his desire to do many things.


Season 1Edit

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  3. Crud! The First Punishment Chara.

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