About 100 years ago (before the original Pretty Cure and Shugo Chara! series is published by Izumi Todo and Peach-Pit), the X Guardians possessed the Orion Palace as a crypted and banished world with the sacred areas broken into pieces.

In the present year, Takae Minori was transferred at Seiyo Academy in the first day of school along with her friend, Yamaha Lilo. The event led by Sakurai Kamiko, a martial student, Kagamiro Talia, a punkish, but uncomfortable girl, and Tsukikawa Kiyomi, a quiet and sentimental person, but they find a secret to them:The Guardian Characters...The Guardians of Seiyo Academy and the Royal Guardians pay effort to them, except for Hinamori Amu, who was introverted and harsh, reminded as "cool'n spicy". In which she gave up her Guardian Characters, they united Minori and the others, with the exception of Kiyomi, who have her own Guardian Character born as Gekkou.


Pretty CuresEdit

Takae Minori/Cure Heart

Sakurai Kamiko/Cure Spade

Yamaha Lilo/Cure Clover

Kagamiro Talia/Cure Diamond

Tsukikawa Kiyomi/Cure Moon

X GuardiansEdit

The leader of the X Guardians. Her X-Theme is the harlequin or jester.

The sensitive and the horrifying of the X Guardians. His X-Theme is the zombie.

Her X-Theme is the lolita.

His X-Theme is the punk.

His X-Theme is the kendo reaper.

Hinamori Amu
The original main heroine of the Shugo Chara! series, but as the main antagonist of the entire movie, Amu can be represented as the "Joker" of Seiyo Academy, caused to her terrible luck.

X-Pretty Cure
The antagonist counterpart of Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure.

The main antagonist of the story. Amu gathered Dark Souls to revive Necromantia, in order to destroy the Heart Eggs.

Dark Souls
The main monsters of the series, but bigger than the X-Charas.

Seiyo Academy GuardiansEdit

Hotori Tadase/Platinium Royale
The King of of Hearts

Hiiragi Rikka/Pure Feeling
The Queen of Hearts

Fujisaki Nagihiko/Beat Jumper & Yamato Maihime
The Jack of Hearts

Seibutaro Hideki/Heavenly Knight
The King of Diamonds

Mashiro Rima/Clown Drop
The Queen of Diamonds

Souma Kukai/Sky Jack
The Jack of Diamonds

Sanjou Kairi/Samurai Soul
The King of Spades

Sakurai Yua/Wonderful Singer
The Queen of Spades, unknownly Kamiko's sister.

Himawari Kiba/Shining Blaze
The Jack of Spades

Mitsuboshi Akira/Shougun Spirit
The King of Clovers

Yamamoto Lulu de Morcerf/Dreaming Sorcress
The Queen of Clovers

Sasuto/Rolling Chef
The Jack of Clovers

Hoshina Utau
Tsukiyomi Ikuto

The HeartsEdit

Tengen Kumoka/Planetary Angel

Tengen Marumi/Snow Star

Tetsuko Mieko/Princess Flower

Maki/Flame Cross

Aotaiyo Naoko/Ocean Sparkle

Akatsuki Kenta/Sun Gundam

Heather Bankley/Atomic Cosmo

Audrey Deren/Amarilla Frida

Stanley/Petite Wizard

Kayo/Lollipop Lorelei

Mascots/Guardian CharactersEdit

Minori's guardian character, who do not believe in Amu's avarice and jealousy. Her symbol is the Heart.

Kamiko's guardian character, who do not believe in Amu's avarice and jealousy. Her symbol is the Spade.

Lilo's guardian charcater, who do not believe in Amu's avarice and jealousy. Her symbol is the Clover.

Talia's guardian character, who do not believe in Amu's avarice and jealousy. Her symbol is the Diamond.

Kiyomi's guardian character. Her symbol is the Moon.




Fortune Commune
The Fortune Commune is the transformation device for the five Pretty Cures and the Hearts.

Glory Lock
This is the second transformation device for the Royal Guardians.

Humpty Tactor
This is the original transformation device for the Spade Guardians.

Dumpty Key
The second original transformation device for the Moon Guardians.


Outer PortalEdit

The Outer Portal is a digital and mysterious area, that the Orion Palace and the Dark Trauma are set. Also, this area can hold by Guardian Characters who died.

Orion PalaceEdit

The Orion Palace is the palace of light. To which the Guardian Characters live.

Dark TraumaEdit

The Dark Trauma is the area where the antagonists, X Eggs, ? Eggs, Black Eggs, and Dark Souls are located.

Sacred AreasEdit

The Land of Earth
The place where Minori, Kumoka, Rikka, Kiba, and Utau are separated.

The Land of Wind
The place where Kamiko, Marumi, Lulu, and Ikuto are separated.

The Land of Light
The place where Lilo, Mieko, Hikaru, and Tadase are separated.

The Land of Fire
The place where Talia, Maki, Audrey, and Yaya are separated.

The Land of Water
The place where Kiyomi, Naoko, and Kairi are separated.

The Land of Ice
The place where Heather, Kenta, Hideki, and Kukai are separated.

The Land of Darkness
The place where Kayo, Stanley, Isao, and Rima are separated.


  • The Cures and the Seiyo Guardians have their first time receiving their Tron forms. Other series are Fever Pop, the Pretty Cure series, and Portal Rush.

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