Shugo Chara!: Limit Break

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Kanjiしゅごキャラ!: リミットブレイク
RomajiShugokyara!: Rimittobureiku
CreatorMinamina Fernandes
Other Worker(s)Shinobu-tan
GenreShōjo, Romance, Supernatural, Comedy
Main Character(s)Lyte Kugan, Astro Tiér Manacromé
First Aired OnJuly, 13 2013
Current Episode0


  1. This fanon series was the 2nd anime series created by Minamina Fernandes.
  2. This fanon series "important" name, Limit Break, is taken from the technique of Cardfight! Vanguard: Asia Circuit, Limit Break.
  3. This is the first fanon anime on this website that taking the high school live as the setting place.
  4. The secondary main character, Astro Tiér Manachromé's name, was taken from a character of a game named Greece Goddesses FTO, Astro Tiér Manachromé.

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