Sanjou Kairi
三条海里 Sanjou Kairi
Kairi Sanjou
First Appearance Shugo Chara!
Alias(es) Jack's Chair (original)

The Jack of Spades (Guardians)
The Knight of Space (title)

Race Human
Age 15
Gender Male
Birthplace Yamaguchi, Japan
Birthdate June 12, 1998
Family Sanjou Yukari (older sister)
Guardian Character Musashi
Alter Ego Samurai Soul
Attribute Water
Theme Ego Samurai


Kairi is given the title as The Knight of Space (宇宙の騎士 Uchuu no kishi?).



Samurai SoulEdit


  • As the Jack of Spades, Kairi's katana symbolizes the Spade, as a sword-themed trump card.
  • The early development was thought that Kairi will be having a second Guardian Character named Laquo, and a new alter ego Cosmic Soul, though they were scrapped.


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