Sakurai Yua
桜井ゆあ Sakurai Yua
First Appearance Episode 85
Alias(es) The Angel of Melody (title)
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Age 11-13
Gender Female
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Family Unknown
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Alter Ego Bad Singer Dream (Confusion Transformation)

Wonderful Singer (Original)
Wonderful Vocal (New)

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Theme Ego {{{theme}}}


Yua is given the title as The Angel of Melody (旋律の天使 Senritsu no tenshi?).


Wonderful Singer receives a new and precise attire other than the attire from the DS game, in order to make more details. Her hair was tied up into a large ponytail with a yellow tight scrunchie. She also have a yellow barette with a treble cleff icon on the left. Her minidress is white with fully blue sections on the top and on the tip of her skirt. She have a light blue choker on her neck and a light blue section below the blue section. Her lower dress contains a pink sixteenth note on the left. Her legs are covered up with yellow tights and wears white boots with sky blue soles and sections. Her boots also contain a blue eighth note in each.

Wonderful VocalEdit



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