Rumi Himezawa
Rumi Himezawa - Square
Name Rumi Himezawa
Kanji 姫沢瑠美
Rōmaji Himesawa Rumi
Nationality Japan
Race Human, Yokai
Gender Female
Age 12-13 (default, current form)
Birthday October, 17
Hair Color Cyan (hair-colored)

Black (CEO Hagoromo-Gitsune)

Eye Color Azure (current form)

Deep blue (Mihime) Red (CEO Hagoromo-Gitsune) Lavender (usually)

Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status Re-incarnationed, Live
Relative(s) Nura Clan
Hagoromo Gitsune
Normal Crystal Wonderland
Skywalker - Saemo Grama
Skywalker - Wing
Crystal Wonderland
Special CEO Hagoromo-Gitsune


Attack Pale Moon Formation
First Appearance
Series Shugo Chara! + Nurarihyon no Mago
Rumi Himezawa is one of main characters on Shugo Chara! + Nurarihyon no Mago.


Rumi's first appearance was on Shugo Chara! + Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 1. Her past form (Mihime form) is having royal blue hair and blue eyes, wearing a big blue ribbon behind her head. Her original form is having azure hair and blue eyes (but current is having blue eues and blue hair and blue eyes, and turns white hair and lavender eyes when she being tsundere[1]).


Skywalker's appearance is wearing scrunchy balls on the user's head sides. A medium white ribbon in front of neck, black long jacket with 2 buckles, and white skirt as the clothes. And a pairs of long black sock and black shoes with tie. When using this transformation Rumi's hair turns into medium royal blue.

Transformations & PowersEdit

Mihime (Form)Edit

Mihime is Rumi's ancient name and form. She was having a relationship with Yohime. Mihime is an onmyōji and

Rumi Himezawa - Mihime Form

also a miko (shinto priestess).

Shikigami - SenpūEdit

Shikigami - Senpū (式神旋風?) is the one of Mihime's abilities. It's summoning 旋風 (in English mean whirlwind), a shikigami with maiden form. Its ability is summoning wind with controlled power.

Mihime DatabaseEdit

Type                =                 Form

Race                =                 Mary Sue

Occupation      =                 self-insertmiko-hime-san-chan-kun-sama desu!!1!1!, weeaboo

Nationality       =                 Ancient Japanese (You see this shit?)

Gender            =                 Female Favorite(s)       =                 Cosmos, Kerria, Sakura (flower), Blue and white (color), Senpū, Fuku, Seirei                                                       (shikigami), Nadeshiko - Crimson Sakura Bloom, Neko no onna - Virgin Claw Dance                                             (ability)

Rumi Himezawa's real page is on AKB48 Fanon Wiki


  1. See more on Wikipedia!

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