Rose (ローズ, Rōzu) is Miyako Sora's third Guardian Character. She represents Miyako's desire to open her heart to others and be more honest with her feelings, as well as guide problematic people like her. Her egg is pink with a quilted pattern. A purple stripe aligned with laces on the edges cover the center of the egg, and in the stripe are red roses.

Appearance Edit

Rose has long, wavy, magenta colored hair and purple eyes. She wears a light pink off shoulder ballgown, white gloves with lace cuffs, and a green headband with roses attached. She has a purple colored tail with a red rose.

She carries a purple bow and heart-tipped arrow with her.


Rose is a hopeless romantic. She enjoys butting in with other people's love life and enjoys matchmaking people who she thinks are destined for each other. She is honest, attentive, and optimistic. Rose always tries to look on the bright side of things no matter how bad things get.

A running gag is that when a girl asks Miyako's help with a guy, Rose is the one who gets into the mood and is determined to get them together, and would often threaten anyone who gets in the way despite being invisible to normal people.

Special PowersEdit

Rose's tail acts as a love meter satellite, from a bud to a blossoming rose depending on how much the person loves the other, as well as being able to sense the radiance of others. Like other Guardian Characters, she is able to sense the presence of X-Eggs and fly. Rose is able to use her powers by chanting the words "Bloom, Blossom, Gleam" and twirling her arrow like a baton.

Character ChangeEdit

Her Character Change gives Miyako a rose hair clip on her headband (that Miyako usually wears) and grants her a more honest and girly personality.

Character TransformationEdit

Rose is the third to Character Transform with Miyako, becoming "Starlight Spring".

  • Appearance:
As "Starlight Spring", Miyako's hair is styled in a Victorian updo with some of the hair draped over her shoulders. She wears a black choker with three small roses on the left side, a pure white bridal gown with a pink colored bow on the top and frills, pure white opera gloves, white stockings, gold winged heels with ribbons climbing up her legs, and a bridal veil. On top of the veil is a brooch of three red roses. She has large bronze wings. Being an angelic character, she possesses the ability of flight.
  • ​Items:
  1. ​Spring Bow & Arrow
  • Abilities:
​Starlight Spring's only known weapon is a bow and heart-tipped arrow which she aims and shoots at the X-Eggs. These arrows pierce through the X-Egg and immobilizes them. This makes it easier for Miyako to perform "Open Heart" on her target.

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