Pearl Joshi
パール•ジョシ Paaru Joshi
First Appearance Episode 36
Alias(es) The Princess of Twilight
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Age 15
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Moon Jewel
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Pearl, now, becomes a Moon Guardian, and given the title as The Princess of Twilight (黄昏の姫 Tasogare no hime?).


As Moon Jewel, Pearl's attire consists of the colors violet, lavender, and violet-red. On her bun, a lavender slight-thinned veil is attached. On her head is a violet tiara with a crescent moon. She wears a top piece that shows her stomach and baggy pants. A red-violet waistband was tied into a knot on her waist. Her shoes are lavender and are connected with white, round particles.


Moon JewelEdit



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