Nakagura Takuya
中倉たくや Nakagura Takuya
Takuya Nakagura
First Appearance Shugo Chara!
Alias(es) The Prince of Mind (title)
Race Human
Age 9
Gender Male
Birthplace Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate October 23, 2004
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Zero
Alter Ego Shining Zero
Attribute Unknown
Theme Ego Magician

Takuya is one of the official minor characters of Shugo Chara.


Takuya gives up his job at the television program, and entertain the school with his magic. He is given his title as The Prince of Mind (心の王子 Kokoro no ouji?).

Nakagura Shio-Shio is Takuya's older brother, as it does mention that he have a wish to be like an acrobat.


Like the male Seiyo students, he wears an uniform that contains a black suit, blue tie, blue shorts that reaches his knees, and black shoes.

As Shining Zero, Takuya's attire is strongly resembling a classic-colored magician. On his head, he wears a top hat with a red "S" on the center. The left side of his top hat have a red color, while the other side have a black color. He wears a mask with the colors that are splitting into half. The left side of his mask is simply black. On his neck, he wears a white cape with a red button and a white, thick "S", just like the print on the top hat. The right side have the same color as the left side of his mask. Takuya wears a white/black suit with grey-colored buttons and a red section on the bottom. Again, the colors are splitting; the right side of his pants are black with a heart and diamond suits, while the other side have a spade and clover/club suits. Finally, he have red shoes.

Shining ZeroEdit


  • Takuya's alter ego, Shining Zero, is the second and only name that was based on a Guardian Character's name. The first was Amulet Diamond (shortened as Amulet Dia).


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