Nakagura Shio
中倉潮 Nakagura Shio
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: The Movie
Alias(es) The Spark of Purity
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Age 16
Gender Male
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Family Nakagura Takuya (younger brother)
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Alter Ego Circus Holic
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Shio is one of the characters of Shugo Chara!: The Movie, and the original anime's fan reboot, Shugo Chara!: Galactic Journey. His alter ego is Circus Holic (サーカスホリック Saakasu Horikku?) and was titled as The Spark of Purity (純度の火花 Jundou no hibana?).


As the older brother of Takuya, he is significantly a childhood friend with Ikuto, Hideki and Akira. Shio daydreams of becoming a circus performer of Cirque du Néon; later, he couldn't perform without his majestic abilities. Making his little brother gullible, Shio is a prankster, but rather a bubbly and dumbfounded with enthusiasm.


  • Tsukiyomi Ikuto-childhood friend
  • Seibutaro Hideki-childhood friend
  • Mitsuboshi Akira-childhood friend
  • Hinamori Amu-Shio was being targeted by Amu, as she madly flirts with him. Amu takes a description of Shio, before daydreaming in love, but hides her feelings from the other Guardians. Shio's ignorance and troubled insults give Amu a shocking, rather a sadistic blow.
  • Torii Mifuyu-Both Mifuyu and Shio are connected if in a trustworthy way.



Circus HolicEdit



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