Murdoc Niccals
マードックニッカルス Maadokku Nikkarusu
First Appearance Rise of the Ogre
Alias(es) The Heir of Mind (title)

Murry (Yaya)
Muddy (Ami)
Pervert (Amu)
Booger Face (Some bullies)
Spade Man (Kukai)
Doc (Ikuto)

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Age 44
Gender Male
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Family Sebastian Jacob Niccals (father), mother (deceased), Hannibal Niccals (older brother)
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Alter Ego Black Soul
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Murdoc Niccals is the frequent and professional leader of the Gorillaz and works as a bass player.



Murdoc is a lightly green-skinned man with rude attitudes, by hitting 2-D in the face.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

He is the third antagonist and later one of the main characters of Cyber Fusion. His original alter ego is Black Soul (ブラックシウル Burakku Souru?), and his special alter ego is Sabbath Spade (サバフスペード Sabafu Supeedo?), with the use of Miki.

Murdoc is titled as The Heir of Mind (心の相続人 Kokoro no souzokujin?).


Sabbath SpadeEdit

Black SoulEdit

Murdoc's Modus is a black decomposing, crow.

Don't tell me...this is crossing like stupid!-Ikuto
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