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Moka Devilish
デヴィッリシモカ Debirrishi Moka

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TitleThe Devil Phantom
FullnameMoka Phantasma de Umbra Devilish
Real NameDevilish de Gehenna
Other NameVampire
Vivacious Phantom (Takamina's transformation)[1]
Professional Status
NationalityGreech, 1/2 Japanese
SpecialityVampire mode
HobbyBullying and fighting, but also protecting her owner
LanguageEvery languages Takamina's can speaks especially Greek
OwnerTakamina Aizawa
RelativesTakamina (owner)
Shadow Lucifer (older sister "candidate")
Siren (partner)
Lucifer (rival)
Moka Devilish (デヴィッリシモカ Debirrishi Moka) is one of Takamina's guardian character. She can transforming into Vivacious Phantom with Takamina.


  1. Click here for detail!

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