Mitsuboshi Akira
蜜星明 Mitsuboshi Akira
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: The Movie
Alias(es) The Knight of Hope (title)
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Age 17
Gender Male
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Alter Ego Chivalry Spirit
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Akira is one of the characters of Shugo Chara!: The Movie and the original anime's true reboot, Shugo Chara!: Galactic Journey, His Guardian Character is Shonboru. Akira is given the title as The Knight of Hope (希望の騎士 Kibou no kishi?), and his alter ego is Chivalry Spirit (チヴァーリースピリト Chivaarii Supirito?).


Akira is known to be portrayed as the "boss" of the Seiyo Guardians, contrasting that he is older than Tadase. Likely, he is strict and agile, but despite of being a boss, he is slightly lazy.

Love RelationshipEdit

Shitani Miyu-Miyu has a massive crush on Akira, so that Akira becomes less uncomfortable to her. Their relationships are timidly peaceful.

Friend RelationshipsEdit


Before the movie starts, Akira gave birth to Shonboru, but does not hatch until he reach to the first day of college, that Ikuto went.


Like Tsukiyomi Ikuto, Akira is rather a tall senior student. He have short hair with the tips curved firmly. His hair color is hazel, and his eye color is green.

Like the students in an unknown school (Nakamura High School, non-canon naming) that Ikuto go to, Akira's uniform consists of a black color with blue linings on the collar and jacket.


Shonboru is Akira's Guardian Character.

Chivalry SpiritEdit



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