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Minoru Kurosaki

Minoru homestuck

Japanese Name{{{kanji}}}
Romaji NameKurosaki Minoru
NameMinoru Kurosaki
RaceHuman, Cat (kyaranari)
NationalityIndonesian, 1/7 Arabian
OccupationStudent, Guardians Member: Joker (Indonesian Guardian), Spade (Guardian)
HobbyPlaying soccerball[1]
Family & Relationships
Transformation & Powers
Alter EgoShocking Feline
Other TransformationN/A
Special Alter EgoLoyal Earl
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Minoru Kurosaki (黒崎實 Kurosaki Minoru) is a main character on Shugo Chara!: The After Through Before series.

Character Change & TransformationEdit

Feral CatEdit

My heart, unlock! Chara change! Minoru chara change feral cat


  1. Why a lot of boys like this game so much???

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