Not to be confused simply by Miki, as of the official Guardian character.

Miki HoshiiEdit


Name:Miki Hoshii





Personality: Miki Love to be in nature (Except for the falling and pain stuff) She desent really like school but she lives she loves to hang out with her bffs (Mostly Layla) and most shes too addicted to gazing and dreaming and gazing ( i said that...) at Ikuto...I. She is ADDICTED to super paper mario (Heh you thought video games were for boys?!)

Cool JewelEdit

Cool jewel is the transformation Miki takes with Hibiki and the outfit is soooo cool! With her 3 attacts Whiplash,Shining amulet,and Nightmare black pulls the transformation all together.


Do I know you?-Ikuto
Miki Hoshii is unusally created with a borrowed character, color over, and videos that are permanently removed by the company's copyrights.

You should help us clear our minds.

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