Midoriboshi Haruo
緑星はるお Midoriboshi Haruo
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush
Alias(es) Ace of Clovers

The Emerald Comet

Race Human
Age 10
Gender Male
Birthplace Yokohoma, Japan
Birthdate April 8th
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Pita
Alter Ego Mellow Key
Attribute Gravity
Theme Ego Emerald

Midoriboshi Haruo is the lead protagonist of Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush. His main Guardian Character is Pita, which allows him to be comfortable. Haruo's alter ego is Mellow Key (メローキー Meroo Kii?). As part of the Clover Group, Haruo is codenamed as the Ace of Clovers, and his signature color is Lime.


Haruo reveals to be ambient, naive, and timid, as of his true inside character. Other people believe that Haruo is frequently ridiculous, which Haruo believes in imagery, except for Naru, as he becomes a friend for him. He does not handle hyperactive and energetic people. Haruo cannot stand for stern and hypocritical people like Amu. Although Haruo is unfortunately new as being an Ace, he takes specific control of his element astonishingly, and gets along with Pita well.




Pita is Haruo's Guardian Character, who reveals to be a blessed and mellow source.

Mellow KeyEdit

Mellow Key is the alter ego of Haruo, as he was transformed by Pita with his Digi Colette.



Midoriboshi (緑星?) derives to be as "green star".

Haruo (はるお Haruo?)-The name is written in hiragana, but truly written in kanji (春夫). "Haru" () means spring, while "o" (), means "male" or "man" in difficulty. Together, they are simply translated as "spring man", as of his theme.

Haruo is literally "green star spring man".


  • Haruo's hair is almost analogous to Kukai's hair. His thin stem, that was sticking up, is strongly identical to Tadase's.
  • Haruo bears some similarities of Sora from Kingdom Hearts:
    • They both are lead protagonists of their stories.
    • They both have large keys as weapons.
    • Haruo retrieves Sora's color palette as his 4P color palette.
  • The small pouch that was strapped around of Haruo's waist is a green Pop-kun, originally appears in the Pop'n Music series.
  • Haruo is one of the many characters to have their surnames in a color etymology.
    • Haruo's surname comes from a regular green theme color, much as Su's color. However, Haruo's theme color is much of a lime green color, while Su's theme color have two hues (a dark hue of her clover icon and a normal hue of her egg).
    • Naru's surname derives red, much as Ran's color. However, Ran's theme color is mainly pink, while Naru's color matches her heart icon.
    • Hanako's surname derives the color yellow, until it is identical to Dia's.
    • Daiki's surname relates to blue, until it is identical to Miki's.
    • Kiba's surname comes from white.
  • Haruo's early name was Fujitaka Haruo
  • Haruo is one of the four characters to represent the four primary colors.


Property of Caramel
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Midoriboshi Haruo is created by Caramelangel714.

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