Spell profile
Primary caster Amu Amulet Spade
Magic system Mid-Childa
Category Attack
Type Finisher
Element Light
Japanese name マスターピースブランディング
Romaji Masutāpīsu Burandingu
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

Masterpiece Branding (マスターピースブランディング Masutāpīsu Burandingu) is a Amu Amulet Spade's finishing move Chara Limit Break attack in Shugo Chara: Crossover series. During the fight and the enemy is weakened from fighting with Amu Amulet Spade, she taps her Spade Shaft's Magical Drive Button three times then swings and finishes the enemy with her great force.

Before the Masterpiece Branding is performed, she taps her Spade Shaft's Magical Drive Button three times then extends her rod into twice the length of the Spade Shaft, yelling her attack name. where one or both ends of the Spade Shaft to power up with a mixed of Open Heart effect and Colorful Canvas to deliver a final blow to the opponent with a great swing. When the Masterpiece Branding is over and after the enemy is hit by the Masterpiece Branding, the enemy is triggered with Open Heart effect, huge explodes and purified the defeated enemy afterwards.

Notable usesEdit

  • In Shugo Chara Crossover, Amu uses this spell in a numerous times in every fights as Amu Amulet Spade.
  • As Saaya Hinamori Dream in Gorgeous Spade form, Saaya can also execute a variation of the Masterpiece Branding known as "Gorgeous Spade Break" at Amu once, but the finisher was blocked by Tadase Platinum Royale's Holy Crown (the Gorgeous Spade Break is nearly powerful enough to break Holy Crown in a few swings).


  • Gorgeous Spade Break (ゴージャススペードブレイク Gōjasu Supēdo Bureiku?) is a Saaya Hinamori Dream's variation of the Masterpiece Branding as her Gorgeous Spade form. Gorgeous Spade Break acts like the same as Masterpiece Branding but has a Dark/Light element and has high shield destruction rate if swing in a few hits. The attack is based slightly of Hinamori Dream variation of the Masterpiece Branding, as the enemy's barrier/shield is broken after the next few swings of the Gorgeous Spade Break, Saaya Hinamori Dream swings her target mercilessly with her Gorgeous Spade Break several times and the final one is a overhead slam at the enemy's head. When the move is over, the enemy is triggered with the dark Mystery Egg energy, wraps around the target and huge explodes upon defeat.
  • Fortune Final Brand (フォーチュンファイナルブランドュ Fōchun Fainaru Burando?) is the Fortune variation of the Masterpiece Branding. Fortune Final Brand is same way as Masterpiece Branding but has more powerful finishing move, defeating the more powerful enemy, upon defeating her enemy with the Fortune Final Brand, The enemy will be triggered by Open Heart Full Bloom effect, purifying even more powerful and huge explosion much bigger afterwards.


This finisher is similar to Kamen Rider Double's Metal Branding Maximum Drive while in HeatMetal form.

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