Mashiro Rima
真城りま Mashiro Rima
First Appearance Shugo Chara!
Alias(es) Queen's Chair (original)

Goddess of Comedy
Queen of Diamonds
The Star of Fire (Title)

Race Human
Age 14
Gender Female
Birthplace Yokohoma, Japan
Birthdate February 6, 1999
Family Unnamed parents
Guardian Character Kusukusu
Alter Ego Clown Drop
Attribute Fire
Theme Ego Clown

Rima is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara! Her alter ego is Clown Drop (クラウンドロップ Kuraun Doroppu?).


Rima is given the title as The Star of Fire (火災の星 Kasai no hoshi?).



  • Early designs stated that Rima has another Guardian Character born as Hiko, and her second alter ego is Flame Drop. Though, this cannot be afforded; the only characters to have another Guardian Character and alter ego are Hotori Tadase and Yuiki Yaya.


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