Maki Natsuo

Natsuo Maki is the Student Council President, and she is known for having a polite and calm demeanor. She is admired by Riko Kurahashi's classmates so, when Riko walks in on her kissing a pillow, Maki forces the other to keep her secret. Riko and Maki then end up practicing all aspects of romance like holding hands and more.


Maki is a second year student with slender figure and dark long hair. Like all the Fuji Girl students, she wears the same school uniforms.

In Lovely Dream, Maki is based on a Victorian princess. She wears a pink Victorian gown decorated with ribbons and hearts, she wears frilly lace gloves, pink high heels, and her hair is made in two pigtails. She is also seen holding a handkerchief.


In front of the student body, Maki is very calm and collected, contrast to her excitable and wierd personality inside the student council's office. She perceives love very strangely and has poor taste as described by Riko. Despite the pretty looks, a crazy and love-desperate lady is within her personality. Oftentimes, she acts all-goofy. 

Maki used to have difficulty putting trust on others but gradually she learns to treasure her friends.

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