Lulu de Morselle (ルル・ド・モルセール, Ruru Do Morusēru), full name Lulu de Morselle Yamamoto (山本 ルル・ド・モルセール, Yamamoto Ruru Do Morusēru) is an anime-only character who was formerly employed by the Easter Company. She appeared in in Shugo Chara!! Doki, with Peach-Pit contributing the idea (as stated in Nakayoshi).

Appearance Edit

Lulu wears a purple hair clip, has light sky-blue eyes, and has curly, olive-yellow hair. It may appear to look blonde or green. Lulu also wears a sky bule dress with a corset, with sleeves that are folded up with buttons, she wears matching heels.

Personality Edit

Lulu comes off as a cold person, but when it's for the Embryo egg, she becomes very restless. Sometimes also often uneasy when she becomes nervous. She even sometimes annoys Amu with her attitude.

But in reality, Lulu is a nice person who helps her mom, and tries to get the Embryo in order to restore her former radiance as an actress again.

Guardian Character Edit

Nana Edit

This is Lulu's guardian character. She allows Lulu to use her necklace to corrupt Heart's Eggs. She is born from Lulu's desire to try many things. After Lulu is purified during the final battle, Nana disappeared because Lulu didn't care for her. When Lulu apologizes to Nana, she is reborn. Voice By:Cree Summer,Choi Ha Na.

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