クウタ Kuuta
First Appearance Episode 34
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Gender Male
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Kuuta is one of the official minor Guardian Characters of Shugo Chara!, and Shouta's Guardian Character.


He was born from Shouta's dreams to become a painter. However, as tragedies occured in Shouta's family, his dreams began to fade away along with Kuuta. A half-year after Shouta moved away with his parents, Kuuta remained in the manor and began wreaking havoc to make people notice. As the rumors finally reach to the Guardians, they decide to take a look at Shouta's old house and investigate. At the same time, Shouta returns to visit his old house, but his depression turns Kuuta into an X-Character. After Amulet Spade purifies him, he returns to his master, with his hopes and dreams revived.


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