Kusanagi Nayuta
草薙なゆた Kusanagi Nayuta
First Appearance Episode 66
Alias(es) The Dame of Space (title)
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Age 14
Gender Female
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Alter Ego UFO Dream (Confusion Transformation)

Milky Cosmo (Original, non-canon)

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Nayuta is one of the official minor characters of Shugo Chara!.



Nayuta is known as a sci-fi fan girl, and a neutral friend to Lulu de Morcerf.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Nayuta is given the title as The Dame of Space (宇宙の貴婦人 Uchuu no kifujin?).




Nayuta's appearance have a light skin and slight teal-colored eyes. She have short hair with a darker shade of brown as her hair color. A white streak on a piece of her hair is shown, as it might be that Nayuta bleached her hair.

As UFO Dream, her hair is slightly curved and her hair color merges into a very bright color of blue. Like the other victims, Nayuta's eyes merges into a shade of red, and have a large "?" mark on her forehead, mainly. Her attire is based on a bright, flying saucer or an UFO. Nayuta wears a pair of gloves that have the ends wide. The ends are formed into glowing rings that matches the details of the bottom of her dress. Her top dress is shown as a teal section occurs in each side. Nayuta is shown wearing blue-colored tights and blue flats.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

As her new alter ego, Milky Cosmo, Nayuta's attire is almost based off on her Confusion Transformation, but with different details.

Milky CosmoEdit


  • Nayuta's lastname, Kusanagi, is the name of a legendary sword from Japan.



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