Izumi Sena Wink

Izumi Sena is an 18-year-old boy who just entered college. He is a major otaku and wants to become a mangaka just like his idol, Saotome Miyabi, the writer of his favorite anime and manga, Magical Girl Lalalulu. Because he is very skinny and extremely short for his age, many people accidently mistake him to be the opposite gender.

Personality Edit

Izumi dislikes show business ,despite his family urging him to try acting, because his ambition is to become a popular mangaka like Saotome Miyabi. Whenever he is stressed, he begins to quake, or shiver.

Appearance Edit

Izumi is a half American half Japanese male with shoulder-length blond hair and bangs that slightly cover his left eye. His eyes have an unusual half-purple half-yellow color and he wears black square framed glasses. His body frame is tiny, as he is skinny and short.

When in Wedding Day Dream, Sena is based on a wedding bride. His hair is long and is decorated with a wedding veil along with white roses and the large "?" on his forehead. He wears a white wedding dress, white ballet shoes with ribbons, and white gloves. He is also seen holding a bouquet of white roses.

History Edit

Izumi first met Ryouma at a shooting for a "Happy Wedding" commercial when Izumi was eight years old. The girl for the commercial couldn't show up because her flight was delayed, so his mother volenteered him for the missing girl's role. Izumi ended up doing the commercial with Ryouma, and ended up dressing like a young female. When Izumi was supposed to catch the bouquet of flowers, it slipped from his hands, and he peed himself. Ryouma gave him a good luck charm, and after Izumi used it, all of his fears went away. He ended up comepleting the commercial, but after that happened, he was traumatized for the rest of his life and vowed to never step into the show-biz life. Then, he became a complete otaku.

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