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Isana Yagami

Isana first appearance

Japanese Name{{{kanji}}}
Romaji NameYagami Isana
NameIsana Yagami
NationalityJapanese, 1/3 Indonesia, 2/3 Korean
OccupationStudent, King (Indonesian Guardian), Clover (Guardian)
Family & Relationships
Transformation & Powers
Alter EgoMelancholy Wing
Other TransformationSuper Star Idol
Special Alter EgoSky Miracle Prince
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Isana Yagami (八神勇魚 Hasshin Isana) is one of the main character in Shugo Chara!: The After Through Before and defaultly is the main partner of Takamina.


Isana is a calm and silent boy. He's a cold-cool boy, same as her girl-friend, Takamina. He's the king on Seiyō Academy Guardian before Tadase.


Isana's first appearance was when Takamina was going back to Indonesia and joining the Seiyō Indonesian Academy Guardian [1]. Like Takamina, he's also a high-popularity rated idol. His chara change and transformation of idol is Super Idol and Super Star Idol.

Character TransformationEdit


  1. Click here for detail!

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