Hinata (向日葵) is Miyako Sora's first guardian character. The kanji of her name is read as "Himawari". Hinata was born from Miyako's desire to be sociable and daring. Her egg is gold with a quilted pattern. A green stripe aligned with laces on the edges cover the center of the egg, and in the stripe are sunflowers.


Hinata has long and straight yellow hair with bangs, tan skin, and golden brown eyes. She sports childish freckles on her cheeks. Her outfit is a white western jumper dress with a sunflower print pattern skirt. Underneath the dress, she wears a black, long sleeve turtleneck and a pair of black leggings and white mary janes. She wears a cowgirl's hat and has an orange tail, both of which have a sunflower on them. The sunflower on her tail always glows, unless she is asleep, and gives out warmth.

She is often seen with a small yellow/brown pistol that shoots out confetti and streamers.


A socialite character, Hinata is friendly, energetic, and talkative. She tends to love the spotlight a bit too much but is willing to share it with others. She isn't afraid to take on a new challenge and to speak out her mind. However, if she is in wrong, she will solemnly apologize for her actions knowing what she did was unfair. She also seems to love gardening and decorating.

Hinata speaks with a Southern accent.

Special PowersEdit

The tip of Hinata's tail is a good source of light and warmth, as well as sense the radiance of others. Like other Guardian Characters, she is able to sense the prescence of X-Eggs and fly. She is able to use her powers by twirling her party pistol and saying "Blaze, Light, Shine" then pulling the trigger.

Character ChangeEdit

Her Character Change gives Miyako a sunflower hair clip on her headband (that Miyako often wears) and grants her a more confident and sociable personality.

Character TransformationEdit

Hinata is the first to Character Transform with Miyako, becoming "Starlight Summer".

  • Appearance:
As "Starlight Summer", Miyako wears her hair in pigtails and has a dark brown cowgirl's hat with a white sash and a giant sunflower pinned on the left side. She has a rodeo cowgirl outfit, including a dark brown leather waistcoat, long sleeve white top, red neckerchief, white skirt with tussels at the edges, and black cowgirl boots, all with sunflower-shaped accessories.
  • Items:
  1. Sunflower Lasso
  2. Sunflower Revolver
  • Abilities:
"Starlight Summer" is incredibly athletic and gymnastic. She generally uses her lasso to bind her opponents and sometimes throw them into the air with the ropes, while her "Sunflower Revolver" which is needed for her special attack, shoots out sunflower seed bullets that burst into light when it hits the target. The seeds paralyze the target.

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