Spell profile
Primary caster Amu Amulet Heart
Magic system Mid-Childa
Category Attack
Type Finisher
Element Light
Japanese name ハートエクストリームスラッシュ
Romaji Hāto Ekusutorīmu Surasshu
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

Heart Extreme Slash (ハートエクストリームスラッシュHāto Ekusutorīmu Surasshu) is a Amu Amulet Heart's finishing move Chara Limit Break attack in Shugo Chara: Crossover series. During the fight and the enemy is weakened from fighting with Amu Amulet Heart, she taps her Heart Blade's Magical Drive Button three times then slashes and finishes the enemy.

Before the Heart Extreme Slash is performed, she taps her Heart Blade's Magical Drive Button three times then yells her attack name. The blade of the Heart Blade detaches and flies at high speeds in mid-air, connected by a stream of energy to the hilt. It follows the path where Amulet Heart slashes, making the attack an effective long-range finisher and a damaging short-range attack). When maneuvered properly, the detached blade can also lift the target to set up for aerial attacks. A variation exists where Amulet Heart simply charges the blade with energy and attacks with it as normal, which Amu usually calls with the same name. When the Heart Extreme Slash is over and after the enemy is hit by the Heart Extreme Slash, the enemy is triggered with Open Heart effect, huge explodes and purified the defeated enemy afterwards.

Notable usesEdit

  • In Shugo Chara Crossover, Amu uses this spell in a numerous times in every fights.
  • As Saaya Hinamori Dream in Gorgeous Heart form, Saaya can also execute a variation of the Heart Extreme Slash known as "Gorgeous Heart Split" at Amu once, but it was countered with the Heart Extreme Slash.


  • Gorgeous Heart Split (ゴージャスハートスプリット Gōjasu Hāto Supuritto?) is a Saaya Hinamori Dream's variation of the Heart Extreme Slash as her Gorgeous Heart form. Gorgeous Heart Split acts like the same as Heart Extreme Slash but has a Dark/Light element. The attack is based slightly of Hinamori Dream variation of the Heart Extreme Slash, as after Saaya Hinamori Dream strikes her target from above, she concludes the Finisher by hitting the enemy with several columns of dark Mystery Egg energy.
  • Fortune Extreme Slash (フォーチュンエクストリームスラッシュ Fōchun Ekusutorīmu Surasshu?) is the Fortune variation of the Heart Extreme Slash. Fortune Extreme Slash is same way as Heart Extreme Slash but has more powerful finishing move, defeating the more powerful enemy. Triggering the Open Heart effect is now Open Heart Full Bloom effect, upon hitting her enemy with the Fortune Extreme Slash, The enemy will be triggered by Open Heart Full Bloom effect, purifying even more powerful and huge explosion much bigger afterwards.


This finisher is similar to Den-O Momotaros's Hissatsu attack finishing move rider slash attack from Kamen Rider Den-O.

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