Glitter Smasher

Spell profile
Primary caster Utau Dark Jewel
Magic system Mid-Childa
Category Attack (Attack Spell Card)
Type Bombardment
Element Dark/Light
Japanese name グリッタースマッシャー
Romaji Gurittā Sumasshā
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

The Glitter Smasher (グリッタースマッシャーGurittā Sumasshā) is a very powerful bombardment-type attack spell card cast by Utau Dark Jewel in Shugo Chara: Crossover and was used for fighting against her enemies. It has similar to Divine Buster, but its magic is dark light element before the Darklight Breaker was introduced.

The Glitter Smasher is similar to Amu Amulet Clover's Remake Buster. The Glitter Smasher consists of a large beam of energy launched from Dark Jewel's device (Jewel Driver), which is capable of inflicting a lot of damage in straight line. Whenever the laser beam upon hits, it creates a huge explosion that damages a large area, powerful enough to damage or destroy a every single building in one shot. This spell requires a spell card to cast.

Notable usesEdit

  • In Shugo Chara Crossover, few scene uses the Glitter Smasher against anyone who fight against Utau Dark Jewel before the Darklight Breaker performed.
  • During Utau's dream scene as Utau Dark Jewel in Shugo Chara Crossover, she uses the Glitter Smasher several times along with Glitter Lancer before she performs the Darklight Breaker at the city, destroying it. Only scene was Utau's dream that never do that in the real.
  • This spell was used once at Mamodo Manami in the crossover movie.


  • In terms of appearance of the Glitter Smasher is works the same as Plasma Smasher used by Fate Testarossa.

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