Glitter Lancer

Spell profile
Primary caster Utau Dark Jewel
Magic system Mid-Childa
Category Attack (Attack Spell Card)
Type Shooting
Element Dark/Light
Japanese name グリッターランサー
Romaji Gurittā Ransā
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

The Glitter Lancer (グリッターランサーGurittā Ransā) is a is the signature shooting spell card used by Utau Dark Jewel. It appears to be Dark Jewel's basic shooting attack.

When the the spell card is inserted into the Jewel Driver, it creates multiple bolts of energy in the shape of an arrowhead similar to Fate's Plasma Lancer from Lyrical Nanoha and rapid shoots them towards the enemy, making a rapid fire Glitter Lancer shooting attack. Like Plasma Lancer, it can be turn any directions by saying the keyword "Turn" Dark Jewel can stop the Glitter Lancer shots and point them in another direction if the opponent dodges.

Notable usesEdit

  • In Shugo Chara Crossover, Utau Dark Jewel uses the Glitter Lancer several times against anyone who fight against Utau Dark Jewel.
  • Once used with Final Attack Spell Card, Utau Dark Jewel uses the final attack version of the Glitter Lancer at Amu Amulet Heart in battle (which Amu manages to dodge).


  • Glitter Lancer Phalanx Shift (グリッターランサー・ファランクスシフト Gurittā Ransā Farankusu Shifuto?) involves Dark Jewel summoning over 100 Glitter Lancers in a phalanx formation to shoot at the enemy. In final battle with Dark Jewel, the finish blow is to combine the excess lancers into one, larger and longer Lancer, with the aria "Blast End" (ブラストエンド Burasuto Endo?). The Glitter Lancer Phalanx Shift is powerful enough to destroy entire streets in instant.


  • In terms of appearance of the Glitter Lancer is reference to Plasma Lancer, but has the appearance is glittery gold and yellow instead being gold.

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