Evergreen (エバーグリーン, Ebāgurīn) is Miyako Sora's fourth guardian character. She is born from Miyako's desire to become a famous star and to be a more magnanimous person. Her egg is baby blue with a quilted pattern. A lavender stripe aligned with laces on the edges cover the center of the egg, and in the stripe are helleborus flowers.


Evergreen has short platinum white hair in a pixie cut style, green eyes, and fair skin. She wears a candy cane themed sleeveless dress and red gloves trimmed with white fur. Her shoes are a pair of ballet flats with white puffs on the toes. She wears a pair of futuristic headphones and has a blue colored tail, both of which is adorned with a hellebore flower.

She carries a candy cane themed mic with her.


Unlike her sprightly fellow character companion Hinata, Evergreen is a more reserved character. She is enigmatic, hardworking, but happy like an idol. She is caring, charitable, and understanding in nature. She loves the cold weather, singing, dancing, and acting.

Special PowersEdit

Evergreen is able to create frost by touching things with the flower on her tail, as well as sense the radiance of others. Like other Guardian Characters, she is able to sense the presence of X-Eggs and fly. Evergreen is able to use her powers by chanting the words "Snow, Frost, Twinkle" directly into her mic.

Character ChangeEdit

Her Character Change gives Miyako a hellebore flower hair clip on her headband (that Miyako usually wears) and grants her a more unselfish and understanding personality.

Character TransformationEdit

Evergreen is the last to Character Transform with Miyako, becoming "Starlight Winter".

  • Appearance:
As "Starlight Winter", Miyako wears her hair in a high ponytail and has a pair of red futuristic headphones. Her outfit is a long sleeve red-and-white striped hooded dress with white fur trimming on the hood, cuffs, and the edge of the skirt. She sports white furry leg warmers adorned in candy canes and white shoes.
  • ​Items:
  1. ​Ever Mic
  2. Ever Scope
  • Abilities:
​"Starlight Winter" mainly uses her "Ever Mic" as a weapon. She sings soothing songs into the mic and it amplifies her voice, releasing bright yellow, red, and green glowing orbs in the process. This can calm X-Eggs and put them to sleep when the glowing orbs touch them. She can also use her "Ever Scope" to search for X-Eggs. Viewing into the telescope will let her see a smokey black trail that leads to an X-Egg.

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