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デル Deru
Del shugo chara.jpg
First Appearance Aika Suzuki: My Guardian Characters!
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Gender Female
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Family Mel ('sister')
Aika (owner)
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Del is one of Aika's guardian characters and 'would be self'.


Unlike Mel, Del is very mischievous and manipulative, but also very cunning at the same time. She doesn't care if she has to fight something and will have no mercy when it comes to breaking X characters (when Aika and her character transform). In contrast to Mel, she likes spicy food and hates sweets.


Del's appearance is very similar to Iru's appearance, but the color scheme is very different and so is the wings. The color of Del's shirt, skirt, and shoes are blue because the owner of Del didn't want her to look too much like Iru (even though she basically has the same look >.<). Her wings are satan wings instead of bat wings as well.


(Warning: I have not yet uploaded my fanfictions on If you know me by PandoraStar123, please do not read this part unless you are prepared for a spoiler alert. Thank you.)

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After Aika decided she was done with Mel, Aika wished to be more mischievous and bad. Del's egg suddenly appeared on her bed which made her wonder if she has two guardian characters instead of one. The next day, Del was born because Aika joined Christmas that day and Del introduced herself. Aika then tried to find away to know how to character transform with Del since Mel was the only guardian she can character transform with.

Character ChangeEdit

Bad GirlEdit

When Del character changes Aika with Bad Girl, Aika is able to have confidence in doing illegal things and also speak up for herself as well. Aika can also be very stealthy in this character change as well as being able to sneak up on people and prank them.

Character TransformationEdit

Devil's JewelEdit

When Del character transforms with Aika, Aika becomes Devil's Jewel.

Devil's Beloved JewelEdit

When Del super character transforms with Aika, Aika becomes Devils's Beloved Jewel. This character transformation is more powerful than Devil's Jewel.

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