Dahlia (ダリア, Daria) is Miyako Sora's second Guardian Character to hatch. She was born from Miyako's desire to be a more caring person and to improve in domestic skills, like that of a mother. Her egg is orange with a quilted pattern. A brown stripe aligned with laces on the edges cover the center of the egg, and in the stripe are orange dahlia flowers.

Appearance Edit

Dahlia has short, curly brown hair, light skin, and pumpkin orange eyes. She wears a frilly, orange maid outfit with the skirt in the shape of a pumpkin, a brown apron, and brown shoes. She wears a white mob cap with an orange dahlia on either side of the cap, and also has a brown tail with an orange dahlia flower.

Dahlia is often seen carrying a wooden spoon.

Personality Edit

Dahlia is a very motherly character, often doting on Miyako and her fellow Guardian Characters. She is very gentle, orderly, and polite but seems to suffer from a bit of OCD and scolds anyone who makes such a mess. She enjoys taking care of people, even her enemies, and is a pacifist. Dahlia rarely gets mad but is quite terrifying when she does.

Special Powers Edit

The tip of Dahlia's tail glows in the dark. She can sense the radiance of others, sense the presence of X-Eggs, and fly. She is able to use her powers by waving her spoon like a wand and saying "Chilly, Cozy, Glow".

Character Change Edit

Her Character Change gives Miyako an orange dahlia hair clip on her headband (that Miyako often wears) and grants her a motherly and polite personality.

Character Transformation Edit

Dahlia is the second to Character Transform with Miyako, becoming "Starlight Autumn".

  • Appearance:
As "Starlight Autumn", Miyako wears a maid outfit, consisting of a large, orange balloon dress resembling a pumpkin and wears in combination with a brown apron.

A lot of green ribbons are seen in this Character Transformation which would resemble pumpkin vines. She also wears light orange gloves and her hair is tied into a bun. She wears a brown maid headdress with a dahlia flower on either side.

  • Items:
  1. Starlight Autumn's Milk Pot
  2. Starlight Autumn's Teapot
  3. Starlight Autumn's Tray
  4. Starlight Autumn's Hook and Yarn
  • Abilities:
"Starlight Autumn" is skilled in cooking, sewing, cleaning, and other household activities. She is mostly useful in defense and regeneration. She can also use this character's power to create food. 

Starlight Autumn can use a ceramic milk pot for the attack "Milk River" to summon a magical river of milk and restore broken objects. She is also able to summon a teapot for the attack "Calming Tea" which releases a stream of aromatic tea that can calm down rampaging X-Eggs. She is also able to generate a tray for defense.

She is also able to summon a giant crochet hook and yarn to create a trap made out of the yarn.

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