Chara Limit Break

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Spell profile
Primary caster Various
Magic system Various
Category Attack
Type Finisher
Element Various
Japanese name キャラリミットブレイク
Romaji Kyara Rimitto Bureiku
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

The Chara Limit Break (キャラリミットブレイク Kyara Rimitto Bureiku?) is the Finishing Move attack of the Crossover series. Though the Characters have no problems dealing with henchmen, lower-class Mamodos and Artificial Book Keeper, against the main Mamodo of the series the battles would end with the Charas finishing off their opponent with a powerful attack called Chara Limit Break. Often, these attacks would end with the Mamodo and Artificial Book Keeper exploding, and are powerful enough that as the series goes on they become strong enough to kill multiple enemies. Each Characters often has different finishers for each form they take and sometimes for different weapons.

List of Chara Limit Breaks

  • Heart Extreme Slash (Amulet Heart)
  • Masterpiece Branding (Amulet Spade)
  • Remake Buster (Amulet Clover)
  • Twinkle Streizer (Amulet Dia)
  • Fortune Extreme Slash (Amulet Fortune with Heart Blade)
  • Fortune Final Brand (Amulet Fortune with Spade Shaft)
  • Fortune Full Burst (Amulet Fortune with Clover Gunner)
  • Fortune Last Edge (Amulet Fortune with Dia Glaive)
  • Fortune Finale (Amulet Fortune with all 4 weapons combined)
  • Lunar Luminare (Lunar Charm)
  • Darklight Breaker (Dark Jewel)
  • Seraphic Requiem (Seraphic Charm)
  • Cats Nails (Black Lynx)
  • Death Mirage (Death Rebel)
  • Treasures Gold (Seven Seas Treasure)

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