A Guardian Character (しゅごキャラ, Shugo Chara), also known as Guardian Chara informally, is a tiny fairy born from the egg of a child's heart, called the Heart's Egg. His/Her dreams and hopes is what preserves it. Sometimes, a strong emotion can trigger the egg to hatch into a Guardian Character in order to aid that person in becoming his or her would-be self and pursue his or her dreams. These creatures are invisible to normal people and only owners of Guardian Characters and pure-hearted children can see them. It is known that most people only have one Guardian Character, or sometimes two. However, there is an exception, as the protagonist Amu Hinamori has four Guardian Characters. Only two people known people have two guardian characters: singing idol Utau Hoshina and Nadeshiko Fujisaki/Nagihiko Fujisaki. If two Guardian Characters share the same owner, the designs on their eggs will also share similarities, with difference in traits or colors.

X CharacterEdit

If the egg's owner is burdened by worries and doubts, the egg will turn into an X-Egg and eventually hatch into an evil and aggressive X-Character and go rampage with its powers. Their owner is usually their first target. These characters are usually much stronger than their egg incarnations. Because they are still connected to their owners, they can sometimes express their depressions through the X-Characters. The X-Characters are the "enemies" in Shugo Chara!.


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