Aoi Arisugawa

Aoi Arisugawa is the daughter of the principal of the school Rinko attends in and Sapphy's human partner. 10 10 years old like Rinko and Minami, Aoi is the richest girl in Takaragaseki City, since her family owns a lot of establishments. Calm with a gentle heart, she has always wanted to have a real best friend—even with her highest status, she can feel lonely and sad at times.

After her Jewelpet partner Sapphy was awakened, everyone convinced her that her best friends were by her side all along and after that, she helped Rinko and Minami in finding the other lost Jewelpets. She's taken care of by her trusted butler Genshirou in her mansion when her parents were away. Aoi has a crush on Naoto Sakuragi.

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