Amulet SparkleEdit

Amulet Sparkle (アミュレットスパークル?)is the secondary version of Amulet Angel. It's appearance available on Shugo Chara!: The After Through Before . It's power comes out when she's wanting to be an idol. Her chara change named Sparkling Idol.
Amu Hinamori future

Amulet Sparkle


Amu's attacking ability (and other abilities) when using Amulet Sparkle transformation power comes matching with her feeling, like Spring Pair is the feeling of loveliness, glamour, charm, and chic. Summer Pair is the feeling of passion, spirit, loud, and refresh. Autumn Pair is the feeling of wander, flout, calm, and warm. Then Winter Pair is the feeling of lost, dead, cold, and pain.

  1. Spring Pair - Sparkling Season
  2. Summer Pair - Heat Passion
  3. Autumn Pair - Gust of Wind
  4. Winter Pair - Silence Frost


Amu's healing ability when using Amulet Sparkle transformation is using poem on Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. Whenever she spelling the poems, the one who heard that will be like or the opposite of Amu's feeling, like Spring Pair is charming or glamour. Summer Pair is impassionate or spiritness. Autumn Pair is calmness or honest. Then Winter Pair is life, spiritful, and youthful.

  1. Spring Pair - Kimi ga Tame (For you, I head Out)
  2. Summer Pair - Haru Sugite (So Spring Ends And Summer Comes)
  3. Autumn Pair - Chihayafuru (Impassionate Gods)
  4. Winter Pair - Asaborake (From the Crystal White Snow)

Amulet QueenEdit

Amu Hinamori future 2

Amulet Queen

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