Stuart "2-D" Pot
スチュアート"2-D"ポット Suchuaato Potto
First Appearance Rise of the Ogre
Alias(es) The Bard of Light (title)

Stu-Pot (Birth name)
Face-Ache (Murdoc)
Tuchi (Noodle)
Stuart-san (Nagihiko)
Diamond Man (Kukai)

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Age 34 (as of 2012)
Gender Male
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Family David Pot (father), Rachel Pot (mother)
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Alter Ego Techno Ratchet
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2-D is one of the four official characters of the Gorillaz, talented as the lead vocalist and pianist.



2-D can be descibed as a "dimwit" or "dork", caused by disknowledge. 2-D's birth name is Stuart Pot.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

He is also the main protagonist of Shugo Chara! + Gorillaz, and the third main character of Cyber Fusion. His original alter ego is Techno Ratchet (テクノラチェット Tekuno Rachetto?) and his special alter ego is Techno Diamond (テクノダイヤモンド Tekuno Daiyamondo?), with the use of Hinamori Amu's fourth Guardian Character, Dia.

2-D is given the title as The Bard of Light (光の吟遊詩人 Hikari no ginyuushijin?)

Love RelationshipsEdit

Paula Cracker-She is 2-D first crush on England. The two of them got divorced, right after Murdoc's foul behavior.

Hinamori Amu-2-D thought about her that she is "cool'n spicy" and with no friends. After 2-D selected Dia to transform into Techno Diamond, Amu divorced 2-D furiously as she doesn't want to see him forever before Paula re-united with 2-D at the end.


Techno DiamondEdit

Techno Diamond is 2-D special and temporary alter ego. This transformation is occured by Dia, as she believes in him that he could help his friends from the evil emperor of the X-Revolution, Gargumot.

Techno RatchetEdit

Techno Ratchet (テクノラチェット Tekuno Rachetto?) is 2-D's alter ego. 2-D's Modus is a panther, resembling to his vague attire.

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